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Latest Restaurant Design Trends 2022

Latest Restaurant Design Trends 2022

As we make our way into 2022, we’ve seen many restaurants redesign their spaces. Updating your restaurant from time to time is essential to attract new customers and give regular guests something new and exciting to experience. As restaurant owners, food and drink are just aspects of a successful business. Creating a fantastic place to attract new customers and bring them back is necessary. Here are some design trends we’ve seen gain popularity in 2022 in the F&B and hospitality sector:

Texture & warm colour palettes

Warm tones in the design scheme, such as wall shade, seat colours, flooring and décor, evoke a personal and inviting atmosphere. And since we’re in Dubai, it reflects the culture and overall desert atmosphere. 

These days, people love to dine in ‘Insta-worthy’ cafes, where the aesthetic is as good as the food. Warm tones and décor make for an ideal backdrop popular among the crowd, especially the young.

Another notable trend emerging is textured layering. More and more restaurants are seen paying significant attention to detail with layers. One way of doing this is by adding texture to the floor. Restaurant flooring, being a challenge of its own, must be safe for the customers yet dominate with its appeal. Wood and bamboo materials are famous for achieving this aesthetic feature. You can also opt for distinctive fabrics on furniture, lighting and décor pieces. Combining patterned textiles with hardwood and using organic elements of biophilic design.

Biophilic design

A design trend that has seen immense popularity and will continue to do so in the coming months, even years. Biophilic Design pays focus on nature and their elements to create a space that boosts health, reduces stress and lets customers enjoy a soothing and aesthetic dining experience.

The use of natural materials such as wood and spaces with realistic geometries such as fractals and curves and be highly evocative and satisfy biophilic design needs. Green walls filled with plants and grass and adding fountains and mini waterfalls are also great ways to add bits of nature into your space.

Open kitchen and floor plans 

To build and create a more transparent relationship with customers, many restaurants incorporate open kitchens and floor plans into their design. This gives the customers a first-hand experience in watching their food being made, as well as viewing the quality and process of their orders. It also adds an element of entertainment to their overall dining experience. 

Dining pods

Let’s face it, no matter how post-pandemic we are; people are still not ready to gate together in indoor spaces. This is why Dining pods have been seen in high demand. Dining pods allow customers to eat with the advantage of privacy and safety and can be used in several places. Restaurants are utilising plexiglass shed tents, booths and even plastic igloo tents to create separate pods in their spaces.


Unsurprisingly, sustainability is becoming more common in design – awareness of climate change and the environment is an important topic. With restaurants being watched closely, customers tend to opt for places that create and positively impact the environment, and this is a design trend that will not only increase in 2022 but will stay for a long time coming.

Eco-friendly design approaches comply with people’s designers for a more ethical lifestyle – we are seeing restaurants swapping shiny and plastic materials for wood, stone and even grass. There is also a rising trend of bringing the outdoors in with more greenery and plants. Options such as bamboo can be seen making a big entrance; others include concrete tiles and cork.

Pops of Art

2022 latest interior design trends in restaurant design

Restaurants are trying to gain customer attention by decorating their walls, using bright colours, mixed media, pop art and striking visuals to stand out. Most of these are done by local artists, trying to incorporate the local narrative into the central storytelling. 2022 Predictions are aiming to focus on quality over quality, keeping it simple, classy and clean.

These are just some of the main trends we’ve seen in 2022. If you’ve got a project in mind, reach out to us today. Our expert designers are here to give life to your unique project. Our inspiration is drawn from listening, understanding and feeling your vision. 

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